gaisf Sustainability awarD

GAISF has launched its own annual Sustainability Award, incentivising Members to use their platform as sports organisations as a way of making a significant contribution to combatting global climate change.

Enhancing environmental, social and economic sustainability is already a key priority for many GAISF Members and, as the United Voice of Sports, GAISF is committed to leading the way and supporting International Federations (IFs) in developing their sports to be more sustainable.

Through the Sustainability Award, which will be presented annually at the GAISF General Assembly during SportAccord, IFs contributing towards achieving these principles will receive recognition for their efforts through a sustainability trophy and cash prize. The winner will receive CHF 7,000, with CHF 2,000 for the runners up and 1,000 CHF for third place.

Applicants will need to submit a complete set of documents (sustainability report, sustainability event guideline and any standards they follow for their sustainability initiatives), and a panel of highly recognised voluntary experts from various international organisations will evaluate the projects.

The five areas of focus, in association with the IOC’s Sustainability Strategy and Essential Guides will be used to evaluate each project:

If you are a member of GAISF and you are interested to take part in this award, please send an email to

The deadline for members to submit their application for the 2020 Sustainability Award edition is 31 January 2020.