GAISF general assembly

The General Assembly is the meeting of all GAISF Members. It is the supreme organ of GAISF. The meetings of the General Assembly are open to the public except when decided otherwise by the General Assembly. When justified by the circumstances the President may, under the authority of the General Assembly, request individual members of the public to leave the conference room.

The agenda of the General Assembly is distributed to the GAISF member at least one month prior to the meeting. In accordance with GAISF Statutes Article 25.1, the agenda must contain the following items

a) opening of the meeting;
b) roll call;
c) adoption of the agenda subject to article 25.2;
d) President’s address;
e) appointment of scrutineers (if applicable);
f) suspension or expulsion of a Member (if applicable);
g) approval of the minutes of the previous General Assembly;
h) activity reports;
i) financial matters (balance sheet, accounts, auditing report, budget, auditor…);
j) Statutes modifications (if applicable);
k) voting and elections (if applicable);
l) new membership applications;
m) items presented for information;
n) items brought forward from meetings among Members;
o) date and place of next meeting

The General Assembly may modify the agenda with a 2/3 (two-thirds) voting majority