Please consult the GAISF statutes (available here), paying attention to Chapter II Membership (articles 5, 6 and 7) which describe the complete procedures and conditions to become a GAISF Member.

GAISF Membership Application

Follow the Questions & Answers below

  1. Who can become a GAISF Member?:
    International Sport Organisations (art. 1.1)
  2. What type of GAISF Membership Exists?:
    • Full Members (International Federations) (art 7.A)
    • Associate Members (Major Event Organizers or Sport Organisation contributing to Sport in various fields (art. 7.B)
  3. Which criteria do you need to satisfy to become a FULL Member of GAISF:
    1. Main Criteria 1: No Conflict – No Rivalry with GAISF Members (art 7.A.4.1)
    2. Main Criteria 2:
      1. Global Representation/Recognitions (art 7.A.4.8, 7.A.4.9, 7.A.4.10, 7.A.4.11)
      2. For summer sports, at least 40 active Member National Federations from at least 3 continents
      3. For winter sports, at least 25 active Member National Federations from at least 2 continents
  4. What is a Country?:
    (art 7.A.6): A country, to be defined as such, must comply with at least one of the two following conditions:

    1. To be an independent state recognised by the International Community
    2. To have a National Olympic Committee recognized by the IOC
  5. What is a National Federation?:
    (art 7.A.6): A National Federation is a body representing a sport or a number of sports in a country that is recognised by the NOC and/or the highest sporting authority of the country;
  6. Organizational Criteria:
    1. Only Federation on a World Level (art 7.A.4.2)
    2. Not for Profit (art 7.A.4.3)
    3. WADA Signatory – Compliant (art 7.A.4.4)
    4. CAS Jurisdiction (art 7.A.4.4)
    5. Gender Representation (art 7.A.4.5)
    6. History General Assembly (art 7.A.4.6 and 7.A.4.7)
    7. Accounting Standards (art 7.A.4.14)
    8. Strategic Plan (art 7.A.4.15)
  7. Sport Criteria:
    1. Events Participation (art 7.A.4.12)
    2. Events Presentation (art 7.A.4.13)
    3. Main Achievements (art 7.A.4.16)
  8. Should you pay a Membership Application Fee?:
    Yes the Membership Application Fee is an “una tantum/paid once non refundable fee” which corresponds to 3,000 CHF (Associate Members) and 4,000 CHF (Full Member)
  9. Should you complete a questionnaire or contact someone to apply?:
    The GAISF Membership Application On-Line Platform is available and it is the tool to be used to transmit the application file. Please contact to request access to the Platform
  10. Could you contact someone to obtain more information or clarification?:

Yes you can contact for any queries

For more information about membership, we invite you to watch the presentations below, from the first information day which took place in June 2017 in Lausanne with 38 delegates of potential applicants.